Hi, I’m Dan White, a 24 year old filmmaker, podcaster, and computer programmer from Watertown Massachusetts. In May 2014 I graduated from Connecticut College where I made eight student films and an audio based video game for the blind. I’m passionate about creating and telling stories whether through a screenplay or interactive gaming experience. My skills include:

  • Video Editing using Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Game Development using the Unity Game Engine
  • Audio Editing through Adobe Audition and Audacity
  • Computer Programming in Java, Javascript, and Python
  • Basic Web Design using HTML, CSS, and PHP

I love collaborating with artists from diverse fields, meeting new people, and exploring different ideas. In my spare time I enjoy listening to and creating podcasts. This site is meant as a portfolio of my work. If you wish to contact me please click here.

To view a PDF of my resume click here.

Additional information can be found here:  View Daniel White's profile on LinkedIn

Ecast Crew Photo

Ecast Productions Crew Photo at Studio Shoot

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